Loans for a dentist? So much it costs

Is it about time for a dentist examination, or have any acute problems suddenly arisen? Then you can not only look forward to healthier teeth, you can also probably look forward to a bill. Here you can see common prices for various treatments at the dentist:

  • Tooth cleaning: DKK 300
  • X-ray recording: DKK 200
  • New krone: DKK 3800
  • Plastic fillings: DKK 500 – 2000
  • Root treatment: DKK 2000 – 4000

The above are estimates that can give you an indication of how much you have to pay. However, dental bills are not always easy to pay. The biggest reason for this is that it almost always comes as an unforeseen expense.
However, there are solutions, and in this post we would like to offer you a solution if you have acute dental problems, and we will also give you good advice that can reduce your dental bills in the future.

A current credit loan can save your teeth and your finances

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If you choose to create a current credit then this can be your rescue and it can lessen your worries a great deal.
A current credit is a variable loan that you can take up here with us. In other words, a current credit gives you the opportunity to withdraw money in and out of the loan, as long as you do not exceed the maximum amount.

So, for example , if you create a current credit loan with us of DKK 10,000 *, you can thus raise anything from DKK 3000 and up to DKK 10,000 * if you stand and lack the money.
This gives you a very good opportunity to overcome the unforeseen expenses and it is a huge advantage and great freedom that you do not have to raise a fixed amount.

* Credit example of a DKK 10,000 credit with Tonio Kröger fully maintained and redeemed after fourteen (14) months with a monthly payment of DKK 2,000: A credit of DKK 10,000 has a setup fee of DKK 2,000, an APR of 631 , 57% and a fixed interest rate of 382.15%. The total credit cost is DKK 18,000 and the total repayment amount is DKK 28,000.

Many people worry about the dental bill

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If you go around worrying about dental bills and other contingencies, you are far from alone.
This can be seen, among other things, by examining what people actually search on Google when they would like to go to the dentist. Here is the second most popular search for ‘cheap dentist’, in addition people are also looking for ‘dentist loans’ and ‘dentist loans’.

So you are not alone with your concerns, but if you choose to create a current credit loan and have a responsible view of finances and loans, then this is undoubtedly a very good solution.
When talking about loans and current credits, there is one advice in particular that you should always listen to: Take only loans that are needed and be careful about borrowing in several places. It is only when you lose sight of the fact that things can go wrong.

Here’s how to avoid the big bills

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Would you also like to know how to avoid the big bills from the dentist? So here are the two most important tips that can save you a lot of money and dental pain in the future.

  • Take care of your teeth
    – If you brush and clean your teeth daily, you have come a long way.
  • Visit the dentist
    – Through regular visits you can prevent major injuries, which are the ones that require the expensive treatments.

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