“Isolation” review: shipments from another pandemic



Since horror movies tend to mirror our anxieties to us, manifesting them in solid, resolvable issues like zombie hordes or possessed homes, it makes sense that moviegoers turned to the genre for comfort during the movie. coronavirus pandemic. The filmmakers also used this moment to find terrifying inspiration. Last summer, Shudder released “Host”, a collaborative horror film made entirely on Zoom. Now, “Isolation,” a collection of nine horror shorts set around the world, features survival stories created in their 40s. While there are a few notable creations, the anthology is for the most part confusing, favoring a heightened version of 2020 over a reality that was very scary on its own.

In “Isolation”, each short film takes place in a specific city in a world disrupted by a changing virus. Economies are collapsing and food supply chains have come to a standstill, leading to mass civil unrest. “Pacific Northwest,” directed by Bobby Roe, follows two children as they pass escaped convicted murderers who have been inexplicably released from a nearby facility. This wavering between real-world horror and nailed-down fears leads to more confusion than poetry.

For example, “The Dread,” directed by Dennie Gordon, artfully portrays a woman’s anxiety as her husband slowly dies in their bed – but the film ends with gunshots and explosions as vigilantes strangers sack the Hollywood Hills. Two films about conspiracy theorists, “5G” and “It’s Inside”, only add to the confusion. Without consistent information about this slightly different world, it’s impossible to tell if these characters are totally out of whack or if their paranoia is justified.

The gimmick of this collection is its main attraction. Seeing what filmmakers did in their prime, with only resources at their disposal, is fascinating. Drone images abound; family members and friends play the main roles. Some films are meditative, while others become completely slashers. But the odd 2020 that “Isolation” presents – just like ours, except when it isn’t – is ultimately a hindering distraction.

Unclassified. In English and German, with subtitles. Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes. Rent or buy on Apple tv, google play and other streaming platforms and pay-TV operators.


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