‘Free Guy’ crosses $ 100 million worldwide in second weekend



free guy landed the top domestic box office score again in its second weekend with an additional $ 18.8 million (down 34% from its debut of $ 28.4 million ago one week). After two weekends, the video game metacomedy directed by Shawn Levy and starring Ryan Reynolds is approaching $ 60 million in North America.

Globally, the film topped $ 100 million with nearly $ 112 million in worldwide ticket sales. Disney, which released the long-delayed project under the 20th Century Studios banner it acquired in 2018, is already keen to produce a sequel.

Lisa Joy’s first feature film, Reminiscence, opened this weekend with $ 2 million in rather appalling domestic returns. The title Warner Bros. is also available to stream on HBO Max, which many members of the public consider to be the safest option, given the increase in COVID-19 cases driven by the more contagious delta variant. It could also be because WB didn’t put a ton of marketing effort into the film, which only premiered one trailer (see below) two months ago. Reminiscence did not merge overseas better with a moderate international performance of $ 3 million for a global opening of $ 5 million.

“The exclusive cinema race for free guy provided the perfect storyline for a film that continues to generate great buzz, has a very socially active star in Ryan Reynolds and is not yet available at home. This is reflected in the modest 34% drop in the second weekend, ”Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore, told SYFY WIRE. Notably, small weekend-to-weekend drops during the pandemic period were hard to come by with so many versions (especially those with a hybrid strategy) taking big drops in their sophomore sessions. Reminiscence, due to its day and date availability, made it possible for interested viewers to stay home, and as we’ve seen over the past year, this can often give mixed results for movies looking to do sensation in theaters. “

A sci-fi neo-noir in the vein of Blade runner and Minority report , the film stars Hugh Jackman as Nick Bannister, a grizzled type of detective who allows patrons to relive their memories via futuristic technology in a neon-infused version of Miami ravaged by the rising waters of climate change. When a femme fatale named Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) begins a spicy romance with Nick and then quickly disappears, Bannister will stop at nothing to find her. Thandiwe Newton, Cliff Curtis, Marina de Tavira and Daniel Wu co-star.

“It clings to the spine of a film noir, even though in many parts of the film it feels very different,” Jackman recently told SYFY WIRE. “It has a very poetic and bittersweet feeling at the end. I don’t want to give anything away, but it resonates. What Lisa can do with the story and the genre, I think very few people do. can.

Joy is best known as a co-creator, executive producer, and co-showrunner on HBO. Westworld series.

Paramount Paw Patrol: The Movie jumped to second place in North America with a first showing of $ 13 million. Internationally, the kid-friendly animated offering grossed $ 21.5 million, bringing the global total to just over $ 34 million.

Now in its second release, Sony Don’t breathe 2 landed fourth nationally with an additional $ 5 million, bringing the suite’s North American performance to nearly $ 20 million. Worldwide, Stephen Lang’s Norman Nordstrom Revenge Adventure is valued at $ 27.1 million.

A pair of horror moviesThe night house (Fox Searchlight) and Demonic (IFC Midnight) – Tied down to $ 2.9 million and $ 36,500, respectively. Not huge numbers, but both cost much less to produce than Reminiscence, which is estimated to cost around $ 68 million. Specifically, Demonic was always meant to be a low budget outing for writer / director Neill Blomkamp.

“I have always been strongly influenced by Paranormal activity and The Blair Witch Project, and I knew – even going back years – I knew that at one point I really wanted to try to self-fund a little horror movie just to have that experience and see what it would be like, ”the District 9 the filmmaker told us. “I always had that in my head, and then I think of this movie as a whole bunch of puzzle pieces that were all kinds of separate pieces that came together. So I got the kind of story. love with those low budget horror movies that the filmmakers had just shot in places they had access to, which I found really creative. Then the pandemic happened, and any bigger project was on hold until ‘to let people know what was going on. “

After opening in the United States and numerous international markets in July, Pixar’s Luca eventually reached the Chinese shores, where it opened at $ 5 million. The film grossed just over $ 22 million at the international box office, which isn’t huge considering it opened exclusively on Disney + in North America.

Now in its third weekend, The suicide squad, has reached $ 140.8 million worldwide. James Gunn’s cinematic revival for Task Force X disappointed at the box office – possibly due to a combination of pandemic issues, Warner Bros. ‘ hybrid model for 2021, and a lingering bad taste for the first Suicide Squad released in 2016.

Notable genre remains include:

  • DreamWorks Animation The Boss Baby: family business ($ 92.1 million worldwide)
  • Universal images’ F9 ($ 696.41 million worldwide)
  • Universal images’ Old ($ 80.5 million worldwide)
  • Universal images’ The purge forever ($ 71.3 million worldwide)
  • from disney Jungle cruise (173.7 million worldwide)
  • Marvel studios Black Widow ($ 367.8 million worldwide)
  • Sony Pictures’ Escape Game: Tournament of Champions ($ 39 million worldwide)
  • Warner Bros. ‘ Space Jam: a new legacy ($ 148.7 million worldwide)
  • Paramount Pictures’ Snake-eyes ($ 35.7 million worldwide)
  • Paramount Pictures’ A Quiet Place, Part II ($ 295 million worldwide)

(Universal Pictures, DreamWorks Animation and SYFY WIRE are both owned by NBCUniversal)

Certain financial information via Mojo ticket office


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