Loans – what is a principal?

Principal is a term and term that contains information about the amount that you originally borrowed from either your bank, a private individual or an online loan provider. That is, the principal is the original amount that you borrowed, without the interest or fees accrued afterwards. For example, if you borrowed DKK 4,000, it is […]

Loans for a dentist? So much it costs

  Is it about time for a dentist examination, or have any acute problems suddenly arisen? Then you can not only look forward to healthier teeth, you can also probably look forward to a bill. Here you can see common prices for various treatments at the dentist: Tooth cleaning: DKK 300 X-ray recording: DKK 200 […]

What is a Family Loan?

There are several ways to take a family loan. But no matter what, it turns out in all cases that all parties win on it. With a family loan, you can avoid the high interest rates associated with classic bank loans, and from the parents’ point of view it is possible to help their children […]

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